Running Isn’t Painful-It’s Just Uncomfortable!

Running On Healthy

“I would like to run but it is just too painful for me.”  I hear this all the time.  Too much actually and it is time I take a stand!  The people who are saying this have it completely wrong, well sort of.  Painful, by definition is not the right word.

Pain: Physical suffering caused by illness or injury.

You probably feel like you are physically suffering when you start running.  I will give you that much.  But if you are suffering from an illness or injury, you shouldn’t be running and you need to stop blaming running for the problems.

Uncomfortable: Cause or feeling of slight pain or discomfort.

Hmm, sounds a lot like the start of about 90% of my runs, and the others are just flukes.  Running isn’t painful, it is uncomfortable.  When you use such drastic terms you are doing yourself a disservice and psyching yourself…

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