Just another funny day

I don’t know what to make of myself today. I ran this morning before breakfast and later I sort of put together bits and pieces of things I still haven t found the time to do.

Starting day, large to do list and not the least intention to begin, just scrolling and scrolling through clipboard and twitter, looking for news and something to think about. I’m seriously considering buying online a pair of five fingers Seeya although I already have the Treksports and the Bikila ls
I would if I didn’t think it better to try them on first.


I m tired of winter and socks and boots. I want to go for a walk with my favourite Levis a T-shirt and my bikilas. Maybe grab my vespa and take my girlfriend somewhere nice.

Maybe I should stay in and study though. So many things I would like to do and none in particular. What do they call this state of mind? Apathy? Boredom? I refuse to have a state of mind. I just want to feel alive and free while I m living. Sorry about the philosophy ( if it can be called that way). Happy run fellas!


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