It´s been three days since my first go at implementing my vibram fivefingers into HIIT training and it was about time for day 2. The truth is two days ago I went to the gym with a friend from work and couldn´t resist bringing my treksports along so tried them out at the treadmill for the first time too.

As you know, my training consists of ten minutes warm up running, five minute HIIT and then another ten minutes cool down. This may seem soft to many of you but you must consider I am in a state of transition to minimalist shoes and it´s a lot more than it seems.

First consequence of today´s training is that my legs weren´t fully recovered from last time so the training began with some muscular stiffness. This stiffness felt a bit funny at first, specially because it took me three or four minutes to figure out the right pace and stride. HIIT went pretty well, same as last time. It´s as if vibram fivefingers were designed for sprinting rather than steady running.

Lastly the strangest part: As I was feeling pretty well I decided to stretch the last bit of running to fifteen minutes. It seems the more tired I was the more difficult it was for me to maintain the right posture thus making different muscles in my legs work harder. The feeling I got was that my legs were working in a totally assimetric way no matter how hard I tried to make my effort homogeneous. The result: I feel I ´ve stressed different muscles in each leg.

Overall I think I will recover from this run much faster: My calves aren´t even half as loaded as the first time but I know I still have a long way to go. See you on day three!


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