Rest day: Some considerations

Although yesterday when I finished running I was feeling awesome this morning when I woke up my legs and buttocks felt tight as hell. Given the present situation I have decided to take a rest and allow my muscles to recover.


I ve been doing some research on the difference between trailing models and urban/asphalt models to see if there was much of a difference in design. The truth is appart from having a slightly thicker modified sole to increase grip and reinforced structure all five fingers models are pretty similar.


That makes me wonder whether using fivefingers with a thicker sole may be better for transitioning to barefoot running. I used to have a Bikila model and I get the feeling that it was much harder on my feet than my current treksport model. I am not an expert but if you are planning on transitioning I would definitely suggest a trailing model, that is, if you intend to use it for running. Just talking out of my own experience though, could be different for others.


So, my mission for today is to fight off the urge to slip into my fivefingers and let my feet recover. Tomorrow I will resume my 25 minute training and see how it goes


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