Personal fivefinger story



Two years ago I spent a month working on shifts. I would work from 2200 until approximately 0700-0800 on the next day. As soon as I finished work I went to bed and slept through the morning till lunchtime. Unplugged from my friends and my family it was at this time that I started running with minimalist shoes.

The first few times were painful. I would run for half an hour and my calves ached for a couple of days. After two weeks I finally started getting used to it and felt how my legs were growing stronger. The reason I left after one month of training was that I started to feel intense ache in the balls of my feet. Not wanting to develop plantar fascitis I stopped running for a while and abandoned minimalist running

I never really gave much thought to it anymore. My vibrams remained in the closet under a pile of shoes and months passed before I remembered where they lay. I tried to use them a few times afterwards but I couldn´t see the point of risking an injury when everyone said they were supposed to be good for your health.

It was clear that transition had to be very very slow. It was also clear to me you couldn´t make that transition when starting to train. Starting from a certain leg strength was paramount. Finally if I wanted to succeed I needed to really want to. This meant switching to minimalist shoes once and for all. That´s what this blog is all about.


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