Fivefingers Night Running

I don´t know about you but I usually run at night. Except on weekends, I have to find the time either early in the morning ( let´s be honest you won´t see that very often) or just before dinner. Not long ago my girlfriend and I adopted a hound-type dog called Ami and taking her out for a walk has turned into sometimes taking her out for a run. She seems pretty happy with it

As many of you know running at night has it´s risks. Don´t worry I won´t talk to you about proper lighting or avoiding roads. All those problems remain the same no matter which shoes you desire to wear. I want to bring your attention to the main problem I have to face when I go out running: Small stones

When I say small stones I mean stones not so big that you can actually step with your whole foot on it and not so small that you can step over them without even noticing. I love my fivefingers, I think they´re the best shoes in the world, but the truth is no matter how perfect the design of their sole may be , or how resistant their material, every now and then I step on a stone that will make me jump.

These stones are to be found everywhere. Roads, streets, even on grass fields. I used to live in the vicinity of a golf club and sometimes at night I would run with my fivefingers through the soft grass, feeling like the first man on Earth must have felt. You can´t even imagine how that feels unless you´ve done it before. Well even then I would stumble from time to time on a small stone. Those little bastards are all over the place.  

No counselling this time, just sharing. Whenever you find yourself running at night and step on one of those blessed small stones just remember me and know that you ´re not alone. Happy run!



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